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Showy, with a wide white band down the center of each blade.

Narrow, green leaves with bright gold center.

Cool season, clumping grass with burgundy flowers.

Green blades with a white edge, a nice compact form.

Warm season clumper, green foliage with plumes that age to wheat.

A mound of light blue flowers and pleasant scent.

Bushy mound with larger white flowers than species. Fragrant.

Very floriferous and hardy variety with grape-purple blooms.

Compact, heavy bloomer with large, bell-shaped flowers.

Lavender-blue flowers with a long bloom period.

Pure white flowers with a long bloom period.

Violet-blue, bell-shaped blooms atop this compact and tidy plant.

Pure white, bell-shaped blooms on this compact, tidy plant.

Rich purple flowers, great as a cut flower.

Lilac-blue spring flowers with a great spreading habit.

Evergreen, clump-forming sedge with red-brown foliage.

Upright growing sedge with golden, arching leaves.

Relaxed, arching habit with thin, variegated leaves of green and gold.

Stiff, broad, variegated leaves of green with white edges.

Dark, purple-blue flowers with dark green foliage.