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2-3 rows of bright yellow petals surround a honey-yellow center.

Red, orange and yellow washed petals surround a large brown center cone.

Unusual, red flower with a brown center.

Small daisy-like red flowers with toothed edges.

Big, bold and gold! This False Sunflower is truly dreamy!

Clump-forming selection, blue leaves with disease resistance.

Golden yellow flowers bloom most of the summer.

Vigorous hybrid with numerous creamy-white flowers held above the dark green foliage.

Fully double flower with double bloom time!

Why choose a color... variety is the spice of life!

Bright yellow petals with contrasting orange centers.

Very large flowers of grape-purple are heavily spotted.

Shamrock-green flowers can reach an amazing 3" across!

Extraordinary cream colored bloom with strawberry-colored flecks.

A very unique and exquisite color bloom!

Rare, double black flowers - twice as nice!

Large, satin-black bloom on strong stems.

Large,soft blush pink, pink & white striped and darker pink blooms.

Very large blooms that fizz with beauty!