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Lavender-pink flower spikes with a white bee.

Dark purple flowers with a black bee.

Dark violet-blue flowers with a nicely contrasting white bee.

Light cherry colored double flowers with a white bee.

Shocking double blue flowers with darker bee.

Sky blue, semi-double flowers with a white center.

Cobalt blue flowers with a lighter bee.

Vibrant, cobalt blue flowers with fine, palmate, dark green foliage.

Compact, cobalt-blue and white bloom that can handle the heat!

Compact, well-branched variety with light pink blooms and intricately cut foliage.

Midnight-blue blooms are elevated above green, lacy foliage. Great compact habit.

Late blooming, daisy-like, pink flower with a yellow center.

Dense tufts of foliage followed by billowy cloud-like plumes.

One-of-a-kind Dianthus with variegated foliage and a hot pink bloom!

Intense fragrance, single white flowers fading to lavender-pink.

Tidy mounds of bluish foliage with florescent pink flowers.

Fringed, double, lavender flowers with a cherry eye.

Very floriferous with soft purple blooms.

Scarlet-red petals with two pale pink blotches.

Sunset-pink flowers with a maroon eye.